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Why Use Organic Cotton?

Posted on 15 March 2017


We often come across brands that use organic cotton, but often we are left wondering what the difference is and why it is so important? There are many reasons that organic cotton is preferable over genetically modified cotton (which is used in most cotton production worldwide today). The difference is that organic cotton is grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals and nasties. Not only is it good for our skin, it is good for the environment. Conventionally grown genetically modified cotton is one of the most destructive crops grown today and is responsible for nearly 25% of all insecticides and 10% of pesticides used throughout the world, even though it is only grown on about 3% of the world’s total cultivated land. Organic cotton farming not only promotes sustainability through clean air, water and soil, it also doesn’t put at risk human or environmental health.

Organic cotton is the best fabric for a baby’s sensitive skin as it is pure, fine, strong and soft and because it doesn’t contain any chemicals, it causes fewer allergies. Nature Baby is a company based in New Zealand and are one of the most sustainable brands we have come across, also upholding not only fair-trade work principals, but also supporting localised regions, their families and their development. From the farmers and millers through to the cutters and markers, their clothing is made in a way that treats all people involved in the process, fairly. This is a far cry from the factory produced, fast fashion industry, in which GMO cotton plays such an important role.  Cotton is an exceptional fibre, and with Nature Baby’s focus on quality, their organic cotton goes the extra mile to create beautifully soft and reassuringly durable baby wear.

 At Nature Baby, all fabrics are 100% certified organic and produced according to The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) norms which covers production, processing, manufacturing, packaging and labelling. We also love that when Nature Baby arrives in store, it is always packaged in biodegradable or compostable packaging. Nature Baby also has a beautiful range of 100% pure merino wool which is soft, warm and non-irritating, the perfect fabric for baby. It insulates, absorbs body moisture, stays warm even when wet and breathes helping to regulate your little one’s body temperature. Only the finest merino fibres are used making the clothing gentle, durable and not itchy or scratchy against baby’s delicate skin.

 From their organic cotton muslin wraps which offer superior comfort, softness, moisture drawing properties, temperature control and breathability to their pure organic cotton jersey and rib fabrics and lambskin booties, we are sure you will find something that is long lasting, beautifully designed and fashionable in the Nature Baby Range and you can be sure that your baby is benefiting from the pure, clean and non-toxic nature of these fabrics.

 Below is a selection of Nature Baby’s new range which we are in love with AW17. From beautiful blue florals to nautical stripes and natural greys, we are sure you will find something perfect for your little bub. Pop in store or jump online to see the full range of styles available.

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