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Bobo Choses SS17 "A Legend"

Posted on 13 January 2017

Bobo Choses


Bobo Choses SS17


“In the huge sky of sports there are big stars, strong stars, fast stars so dazzled by their light they cannot see each other. But among the many stars there are a few that shine with a modest, special light of their own, caring stars, brave stars, frightened stars, and tenacious stars. It is time they become legends...”


Bobo Choses A Legend

Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses SS17


About the collection

Bobo Choses is glad to present SS17 A Legend, a collection inspired by sport legends from around the world and through time. Retro and comfortable shapes in different fabrics and beautiful washed colours.

Among the prints you can find Mr Badminton, some skating amingos, John McEnroe’s broken tennis rackets, vintage volleyballs and many more!

The collection is divided into six stories named after famous sporting legends: Fosbury, Gino, Nadia, John, Kimura and Marc. Each one with its distinctive shapes and fabrics.




Bobo Choses Fosbury

Dick Fosbury was a high jumper champion who revolutionized high jumping by doing it backwards. He knew it was boring to do it like everyone else, and was not afraid to be different! At the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, he took the gold medal and set a new Olympic record at 2.24 meters. A legend! Born in 1947.

In his honour, Bobo Choses present a vintage style collection, with comfortable patterns, with most models made of organic cotton for ethical and environmental consciousness. New exclusive patterns, such as our sleeveless zip sweatshirt, nerved retro tracksuit with its zipped pockets, football polo, V-Neck T-shirt and more.




Bobo Choses Gino

Gino Bartali, the great Italian cyclist, won the Tour de France twice and the Giro d’Italia three times. While training, he transported secret documents hidden in the tubes of his bicycle, saving the lives of hundreds of children during the war. A legend! Born in 1914.

A collection with a new main fabric: cut and sew knit. Inventive patterns once again, inspired by Gino, like the Gino sweatshirt and the Gino overall, which are perfect for the summer with its great for girls and boys.




Bobo Choses Nadia

Nadia Comăneci, was the first ever gymnast to win a perfect score of 10 at the 1976 summer Olympics in Montreal, where she also won three gold medals. A legend! Born in 1961.

Bobo Choses' most feminine collection, with dresses, rompers and skirts, among others. This collection is a mixture of knitted and woven fabrics. The woven fabrics such as the Flammé or the viscose/linen, are exclusively developed by Bobo Choses.




Bobo Choses John

John McEnroe, was the best tennis player in the world. Inside the court he displayed great skills as well as lots of intense passion. The legend says he won as many tennis trophies as the amount of racquets he smashed to the ground. A legend! Born in 1959.

This collection includes Bobo Choses' knits and denim. The knits have a variety of different textures and shapes, and include their Basketball and Cyclist jacquard, which combines with prints of the same art work. The denim collection, all woven fabrics, have three different bases with mainly all over prints: the Tennis print, the Net print and also the 1968 print, inspired by the year of the Mexico Olympics.




Bobo Choses Kimura

Masahiko Kimura was a Japanese judoka and wrestler, who invented an arm lock now known as the “Kimura”, due to his famous victory over Hélio Gracie. A legend! Born in 1917.

Bobo Choses could not miss having items inspired by Judo and Japan in their collection like the kimono and chino trousers, fresh to wear during the summer and can be worn alone or combined with other key pieces from the collection.

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